How a hospitality degree opens up a world of travel

14th May, 2024

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There’s never been a better time to consider a career in hospitality. And if you’re naturally curious, have a desire for success, and a passion for traveling the world, hospitality could be just the ticket for you.

Travel and hospitality go hand in hand and, with the right qualifications, you can go a long way in the industry, your trade anywhere in the world. In this article, we’ll look at the links between travel and hospitality, the best way of landing a role in it and how a hospitality degree could be the perfect route to a life without borders.


Hospitality and travel

Hospitality covers all sorts of businesses and services, from bars, cafés and restaurants to hotels, resorts and huge sporting events. As such, there are hospitality venues and enterprises all over the world.

In recent years, the growth experienced in the industry has created a growing demand for talent, leaving hospitality businesses with vacancies for roles at all levels. Demand for qualified, experienced people far outstrips supply, which is why now is such a good time to move into the industry.

Because it’s a global industry, these opportunities exist throughout the world. Not only that, due to its international nature, hospitality needs people who are familiar with different cultures. So they’re actively seeking people with a passion for travel.

The power of a hospitality degree

While many in the hospitality industry carve out careers by landing entry-level positions and working their way up, the best way of securing top roles and making yourself more attractive to employers is to study for a degree at a renowned institution.

What to look for in a hospitality degree

A good hospitality degree will teach you everything you need to know to pursue a career in the industry, from food and beverage service and guest experience to accounting, finance and revenue management.

The better degree programs also give you the opportunity to specialize in certain subjects, such as hotel operations, real estate management and marketing.

Practical matters

It’s one thing to gain all the academic knowledge you will need, but it’s quite another to put that theory into practice, so look for programs that offer internships, work experience and the chance to undertake practical studies. For example, applied business research projects will help you put what you learn in the classroom into real-world situations and also make you more attractive to employers.

Internships especially can be a great way of putting yourself in the shop window. Not only do they give you the opportunity to demonstrate your aptitude, they involve working with people at many different levels. This helps you develop a valuable network for when you are looking for your first role.

Unlike a standard business degree, which generally provides limited placements in the country where you are studying – if they offer them at all – good hospitality degree programs actively try to broaden your horizons through their internships so you can learn about different cultures while you work.

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Studying at Les Roches

If travel is one of your main motivations for working in hospitality and you are looking for somewhere to study to boost your chances of landing the best roles, it’s worth considering applying to an institution with an international outlook. Look for schools that have strong links with the industry too, because they are more likely to be able to place you in more interesting locations.

International relations

With campuses in Switzerland, Marbella and Abu Dhabi and connections with educational institutions in the UK, India and China, Les Roches offers students a myriad of opportunities to learn in locations around the world.

Not only that, because of its outstanding reputation, Les Roches has long-standing relationships with some of the best hospitality brands across the globe. That means it can offer students internships and work placements in practically any country in the world.

For those seeking further travel opportunities, some of the programs at Les Roches include business field trips to world-famous destinations, which give students a real flavor of hospitality in action and are designed to show them all aspects of the business.

Cosmopolitan campus life

It’s little wonder the school attracts applications from aspiring hospitality professionals of all nationalities, something that contributes to a genuinely multicultural environment on campus. Both campuses boast more than 80 nationalities studying during any given year.

This not only helps students learn about different cultures while they are undertaking their studies, it also enables them to form lasting friendships that open up even more opportunities to travel and in some cases work abroad.

Not only that, the better hospitality schools have careers services that encourage students to specialize according to their strengths. So if your skillset is more suited to event management or you want to start your own business, a hospitality degree from a renowned institution is a great choice.



“For me, the first few days at Les Roches were amazing because you meet people from all over the world,” says Liliana Beltrán, BBA graduate from Crans-Montana in 2013. “You mix with different cultures and it really prepares you for life in the hospitality industry. I can confidently say it was the best choice not only as a university, but also for my career path and life experience.”

What does a semester at Les Roches look like?

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A world of career opportunities

If travel is your thing and you have set your heart on a career that will enable it, hospitality could be the perfect choice for you. Businesses around the world are crying out for qualified, skilled and experienced professionals, so there’s never been a better time to enter the industry.

What’s more, studying for a hospitality degree at a renowned institution such as Les Roches will not only give you the academic credentials to progress in the industry, it will also open doors to a world of career opportunities that involve extensive travel you never imagined existed.

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