Mission and Governance

Les Roches is committed to preparing our students for a top career in the global hospitality industry.


To create an inspiring and enabling educational environment that fosters authenticity, kindness, and passion. 

We nurture diverse individuals with a future mindset and commitment to positive impact, empowering them to navigate through life with brightness and conscious awareness, with hospitality at heart.


Les Roches’ Mission is to deliver transformative education that combines high quality, research-led academic learning with real-world hospitality industry exposure. 

We endeavor to develop in our students attributes such as empathy, problem solving, and teamwork which are strong assets in the modern workplace. Our campuses each provide a caring and compassionate environment which stimulates personal growth, intercultural fluency, and a commitment to a sustainable future. We will maintain an open door to the industries we serve; sharing knowledge, fueling innovative thinking, and building bridges for our students to cross in their lifelong careers.

Governing board

The Les Roches Governing Board is the legally constituted body ultimately responsible for Les Roches’ quality, integrity and strategic direction. The Board’s composition assures a fair representation of Les Roches’ stakeholders and industry partners and reflects the areas of competence needed to fulfill Les Roches’ Vision and Mission.

The Board exercises its authority and independence to support informed institutional strategic direction and goals. The Board approves and reviews institutional policies; monitors the institution’s fiscal condition; and approves major new initiatives developed in consultation with the appropriate internal or external constituencies.

In exercising its fiduciary responsibility, the Board assures that the institution periodically reviews its success in fulfilling its Mission and achieving its Purposes through a series of self-assessment procedures such as external audits, regulatory compliance, internal controls, and contingency management.

Les Roches’ CEO, Mr Carlos Díez de la Lastra, receives from the Governing Board the requisite authority and autonomy to lead the institution’s strategic initiatives and to manage Les Roches’ academic programs and services on its behalf.


Dr. Elmore Alexander Chair, Dean Emeritus at the Ricciardi College of Business
Mr. Francis Clivaz Les Roches Founder
Mr. Benoît-Etienne Domenget Chief Executive Officer Sommet Education
Dr. Fabien Fresnel Chief Operating Officer Sommet Education
Mr. Jean-Jacques Gauer Managing Director Gauer Hotels
Dr. Dennis Hanno Clinical Associate Professor Fordham University
Mr. Christian Karaoglanian Consultant Accor Hotels
Ms. Adela Martín Executive Vice President Santander Private Banking
Dr. Stacy Sweeney Consultant Higher Education
Mr. Chad Thompson Consultant Higher Education
Ms. Valérie Truelle Chief Financial Officer Sommet Education



Institutional Leadership

CEO Les Roches Worldwide  Mr. Carlos Díez de la Lastra
Global Finance Director  Mr. Eric Lambert
Executive Academic Dean  Dr. Dimitrios Diamantis
Head of Research  Dr. Annick Darioly Carroz
Head of Quality Assurance and Academic Development  Dr. Ruth Puhr
Head of Global Marketing  Ms. Lorena López



Management Team Les Roches Crans-Montana campus

Campus Director (Interim) Mr. Carlos Díez de la Lastra Buigues
Executive Academic Dean Dr. Dimitrios Diamantis
Director of Operations and Student Affairs Mr. Giovanni Odaglia
Director of Integrated Projects, Innovation and Institutional Relations Ms. Joceline Favre-Bulle
Marketing Manager Ms. Yanxia Zhou
Head of IT Operations Mr. Marc Jensen
Global Finance Director Mr. Eric Lambert
Human Resources Manager Ms. Cynthia Terlien



Management Team Les Roches Marbella campus

Campus Director Les Roches Marbella  Mr. Jose Emmanuel Soler
Director of Finance & Business Development  Mr. Andrés Cárdenas
Student Services & Operations Director  Mr. Hassan Djeebet
Spark Director  Ms. Susana Garrido
Academic Director  Mr. Jon Loiti
Head of Global Marketing  Ms. Lorena López
Human Resources Manager  Ms. Almike Orue-Echevarría
IT & Project Management Director  Mr. Juan Luis Velasco


Stakeholder Governance

Student Governance Association
Alumni Association
Employee Committee
Faculty Council


Les Roches Global Hospitality Education is a private and for profit institution. For a fair summary of its financial statements, please contact the Managing Director