Les Roches Research & Innovation Strategy

Research Mission

Research at Les Roches is both at the core of the different educational programs the institution offers and an essential tool for fostering its mission, enhancing its academic reputation, and attracting students worldwide. Research, critical thinking, analytical skills, developing new information and presenting it to relevant stakeholders are essential learning outcomes for our students. To foster these skills as well as to share with the students the most up-to-date knowledge about the hospitality industry, Les Roches faculty and students are actively engaged in research. All scholarly activities focus on four key areas responding to the mission and values of the institution:

• Innovation and Entrepreneurship
• Globalization
• Sustainability
• Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

These activities, whether they are research driven by faculty or applied research projects developed by students under faculty supervision, foster a close collaboration and exchange of knowledge within and beyond the hospitality industry. Through applied research, Les Roches aims at enhancing creativity in the field of hospitality among faculty, students, alumni, industrial partners, and authorities, as well as revealing to all these stakeholders new business opportunities and opportunities to collaborate or contribute.

Areas of Research

The areas of research Les Roches is engaged on are closely linked to its institutional mission and are widely represented as subjects across the programs offered by the institution.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship:
o Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship
o Future Trends and Disruptions
o Change and Innovation Management
o Experience Design and Design Thinking
o Sustainable Business Practices
o Corporate Social Responsibility
o Sustainable Management
o Ethical Leadership and Values
• Globalization:
o Global Outlook and Fluency
o Multiculturalism
o Soft Skills, Competencies, Capabilities
o Global Leadership
• Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL):
o Higher Education in a Global, Multicultural Context
o Higher Education Practice
o Hospitality Management Education

Governance of Research and Innovation Activities

All research activities are coordinated by Les Roches Research Committee (LRRC) which is composed of the Head of Research, Faculty members leading each research area and a representative of Spark.

The committee ensures that the research strategy and objectives are achieved, manages the research budget, validation of proposals, ethical approval of projects and any other matter related to research and innovation at Les Roches.

The development of each research area is driven by faculty members and overseen by the LRRC. Faculty members may be engaged in one or more research areas. The aim is to foster research among faculty and students and encourage a wider participation across the institution.

Some of our innovation activities are:

- Shiftin'. This event is about shifting innovations in hospitality to create a more sustainable industry, with last year’s focus on how nature is shaping the future. Leaders from around the world shared their knowledge and thoughts on this important topic. Access Shiftin’ website here
- Space and Underwater Tourism Universal Summit (SUTUS): We were delighted to host the fourth edition of the Space and Underwater Tourism Universal Summit (SUTUS) at our Marbella campus in September 2023. More than 500 professionals from 45 countries revealed the most ambitious challenges in this exciting tourism sector, while also sharing knowledge and business opportunities. Access SUTUS website here

Academic research

A selection of our most recent Academic Research & Publications is below.

For a full overview of research activity, please see our individual Faculty bios


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Haasan, B. Integrating the best of both, health and hospitality, to improve the impact of lifestyle interventions in clinical settings (working title for doctoral thesis)

Chib, S. Reviewer of Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology

Faculty news

Find below a selection of our latest news from Faculty

Ruth Puhr, Head of Teaching & Learning Development, has been elected President of the Swiss Faculty Development Network (SFDN). It is the first time that a private institution has held this position since the founding of the organization in 2000. The Swiss Faculty Development Network is a professional association of faculty developers interested in building up the teaching and learning capacity in higher education institutions in Switzerland.

Dr. Brendan Cronin, D.B.A, Visiting Lecturer, Les Roches Crans-Montana, together with research colleagues at Framingham State University, MA, USA, Indian River State College, FL, USA, and Penn State Berks University PA, USA had their research paper on consumer behaviour during COVID-19 published in the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Insights

August 2022, Visiting Lecturer Dr. Brendan Cronin, DBA, was awarded a certificate of completion from the Online Learning Institute at Framingham State University, MA, USA.

September 2022, Dr Annick Darioly presented a poster linked to Les Roches Students at the 17th Conference of the Swiss Psychological Society on : The Relationship between Social and Emotional Skills and Transformational Leadership of Future Hospitality Leaders.

October 2022, Dr Rachel Germanier presented at the 5th Culinary and Wine Tourism Conference a joint piece of work about Perceiving and adapting to climate change: Perspectives of Tuscan wine-producing agritourism owners, based on the work of Alumnus Niccolo Moricciani.

August 2022, Ruth Puhr, PFHEA & Dr Rachel Germanier presented a paper entitled Exploring the Lived Experiences of Faculty Negotiating the Challenges of Remote and HyFlex Delivery at the 82nd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM). It was presented in a symposium entitled Synchronous and Asynchronous Teaching: Realigning Teaching Approaches to a VUCA World, which was awarded the Management Education Division (MED) Global Forum Best Symposium Award.

HAMA Europe Student Prize 2021-2022 : Participation with 3 teams of BBA 7 & MBA 2 classes, Led by Dr Albian Albrahimi, PhD, Lecturer

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Fellowship Award: Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academic (PFHEA) awarded to Ruth Puhr, Head of Teaching and Learning Development

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Senior Fellowship Award of the Advance HE (HEA), awarded to Dr Rachel Germanier, Assistant Professor

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