Swiss Hospitality Schools


Find out all you need to know about why Switzerland hospitality schools are considered the best places in the world to study hospitality.

Graduating from a good hospitality management school can catapult you into a long and successful career in hospitality – a highly competitive industry – so it’s worth putting in the time to choose a hospitality school that’s right for you.

With so many to choose from, it can be tricky finding the right one, but as well as researching the school’s facilities and academic reputation, to get the best educational experience you should consider other factors such as:

  • connections with the industry
  • career prospects
  • academic excellence
  • experiential learning opportunities
  • how healthy it’s alumni network is
  • the quality of student life.

swiss hospitality management school

Why is Switzerland famous for hospitality?

Many refer to Switzerland as the home of hospitality, a reputation built on class-leading hotels and internationally renowned hospitality schools, the first of which was established more than 100 years ago.

The country is the epicenter of major international tourism, has a highly developed hospitality industry, boasts a large concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants and is home to some of the finest ski resorts in the world.

It’s little wonder many students looking to excel in hospitality and seeking hospitality degrees choose to study in Switzerland.

swiss hotel management school

Swiss Hotel Management Schools

Swiss hotel management schools are the envy of the world, with Switzerland being home to seven out of the top 10 institutions in the Global QS university rankings for hospitality and leisure management education.

Hospitality education in Switzerland is based on an experiential learning model that sees students acquire skills through practical modules and in real-world situations.

At its core are a set of principles particular to the Swiss national characteristics of:

  • rigor
  • precision
  • attention to detail
  • timely service
  • discretion.

These values underpin Swiss hospitality education in all the institutions in Switzerland and this unique Swiss model has been replicated in schools around the world. So attending a hotel management school in Switzerland can definitely give you the edge.

What is the best hospitality school in Switzerland?

There are several hospitality schools in Switzerland that could put forward a case for being the best in the country. Each offers a range of hospitality degree programs that vary in terms of course content and specialisms.

What they all have in common is excellence across a broad range of factors, which include:

Facilities – top-of-the-range facilities will give you a better start in the industry, so look for things such as professionally equipped kitchens and bars and mock-ups of hotel facilities.

Real-world experience – alongside academic excellence, the best hospitality schools in Switzerland expose students to the industry through internships or work experience placements.

Strong history and accreditation – having a great reputation in the industry means graduates are more likely to land the top jobs. Accreditation is important too – it is independent verification a school maintains a certain level of educational standards.

Careers support and advice – landing a job after graduation is the ultimate goal, so a school with a high-quality hospitality careers service can make all the difference. The best Swiss institutions have strong links with top brands, provide ongoing and tailored career advice and put you in front of recruiters through placements and recruitment events.

A thriving alumni network – personal recommendation can make all the difference in hospitality, so schools with thriving alumni networks that provide advice, moral support and opportunities give students the edge.

Good student/campus life – social life is important, boosting morale and enabling lifelong relationships that can be crucial in hospitality.

Evidence of a strong ROI – the yardstick of return on investment is employability and the best hospitality schools in Switzerland can demonstrate that easily, providing students with the perfect platform for a long and successful career.

One of the best hospitality management schools in Switzerland

Located in Crans-Montana,Les Roches is a highly respected Swiss institution that has launched successful careers for nearly 70 years

Bachelor in Hotel Management in Switzerland

Undergraduates looking to study a Bachelor’s degree in hotel management flock to Switzerland for the reputation of the educational institutions there and the quality and variety of the programs offered – from diplomas and Bachelor’s degrees to MBAs and online Executive Masters.

What will you study?

Students wishing to study hotel management at a Bachelor’s degree level should look for a program that combines academic rigor with real-world professional experience – the perfect partnership of theory and practice.

Hotel management degree undergraduates will study a broad range of subjects, including:

  • sales and marketing
  • accounting, finance and revenue management
  • operations, including rooms, front office and housekeeping
  • Luxury management and event management
  • strategy, management and leadership techniques

Students should expect to learn all aspects of a hotel’s operations – the theory and the practice – in the classroom and while working on internships.

What careers can this open up?

Hotel management is an exciting career that offers variety, responsibility and the opportunity to travel the world. But with the transferable skills you get from a hotel management degree, you can do much more.

Here are some of the main career paths chosen by hotel management graduates:

Hotel management – responsible for all aspects of a hotel, including hiring staff, managing budgets and looking after marketing and sales.

Departmental management – specializing in one of the many different functions of a hotel such as rooms, housekeeping, food and beverage or maintenance.

Corporate office – managing at a group level in disciplines such as sales and marketing, revenue management, guest relations and human resources.

Real estate investment specialist – those with an eye for finance who understand how a hotel works often go into real estate investment management.

Accounting and finance – many of the large groups and chains offer openings in their accounting and finance teams for hotel management graduates.

Study for a Bachelor’s in Hotel Management in Switzerland

Les Roches in Crans-Montana has been delivering highly respected hotel management program for undergraduates since 1954.

Masters in Hotel Management in Switzerland

What will you study?

If you’re already a graduate and want to accelerate your career, studying a Hotel Management Master’s in Switzerland could be your passport to the top.

Among the topics you will cover on a Master’s program include:

  • hotel operations, including rooms, housekeeping, front desk and food & beverage.
  • financial, operational and people management skills
  • strategy and leadership
  • asset management, sustainability and events
  • sales and marketing.

The best Master’s programs give you the opportunity to put what you have learned in the classroom to the test in a real-world environment on an internship.

Accelerate your hospitality career

Studying for a Master’s at a good hotel management school in Switzerland can catapult you into the upper echelons of the industry. But not all Swiss schools are the same, so there are certain qualities you should look out for before applying.

Access to the best employers – the finest hotel management schools are connected with the best hotel brands, meaning better internship placements and guest lectures from industry luminaries.

Career support – strong links with employers is a must, as is ongoing and tailored career advice and the capacity to put you in front of recruiters through placements and recruitment events.

Access to an alumni network for future career advancement – schools with thriving alumni networks provide numerous advantages, including introductions, advice, guidance and employment opportunities.

Expert lecturers – if you want to be the best, you need to learn from the best, which is why the Swiss hospitality schools with the best reputations employ recognized experts.

Real world exposure – practical experience is highly valued in the hotel industry, so look for a school that offers business field trips and hospitality internships and requires you to carry out projects with real companies.

Study an MBA in Hospitality Management

Les Roches offers a well-respected Hospitality Management MBA program that’s been launching successful careers for more than 20 year

Frequently asked questions

Switzerland is home to class-leading hotels, is the center of international tourism, has a highly developed hospitality industry, boasts many Michelin-starred restaurants and some of the finest ski resorts in the world.

Studying hospitality management in Switzerland is not cheap because it is widely regarded as the best place in the world to study the subject. Hospitality Management School fees vary depending on the school and the type of program you study, but for a Bachelor’s degree they typically range between CHF20,000 to CHF30,000 per semester.

As the home of hospitality, Switzerland allows those who study there to immerse themselves in the industry. The country has a long tradition of hospitality education, with the first institution established more than 100 years ago. The country’s reputation for hospitality educational excellence is built on its class-leading hotels and internationally-renowned hotel management schools.