Eta Sigma Delta – The International Hospitality Management Honour Society

Established in the US in 1978, Eta Sigma Delta (ESD) was founded by a group of students as an honour society to “recognize hospitality and tourism students for outstanding academic achievements.” Here’s some information on who we are and what we do.

Did you know?

• Les Roches joined ESD in 2002;
• Only the top 20 per cent of the study body are invited;
• There are only three hospitality management schools in Switzerland that are ESD members;
• There is a total of 60 active chapters (schools) around the world.

How do I become a member?

ESD assess the grades you receive from BBA4 and BBA6 (our fourth and sixth semesters at Les Roches), ensuring that your grades are above 80 per cent. In addition, potential members have to meet school standards for good behaviour and punctuality, and have completed all of their Les Roches coursework.

To become a full member, you then attend a ceremony which takes place at the end of our last semester, BBA7. During the ceremony, the members take oath and light five candles to represent ESD’s core values – excellence, leadership, creativity, service and ethics.

What it means to be a member?

As ESD members, we pass on our knowledge and provide guidance through tutoring sessions. Additionally, we organize the ceremony and invite faculty members along for a lunch. As a member of ESD, you will receive a personalized certificate, a society pin, a newsletter to special societal events, and also have your name engraved and hanged on the wall on campus.

Henny Sofie Tanberg
BBA semester 7 student