A Q&A with Eta Sigma Delta rising star, Argyro Tsavalou

Hospitality Management Bachelor’s student and member of honor society Eta Sigma Delta, Argyro Tsavalou, on the secrets to her academic success and her plans for the future.

Les Roches is one of only three hospitality business schools in Switzerland to be a member of student ‘honor society’ Eta Sigma Delta.

Founded in 1978 in the US for outstanding hospitality students, Eta Sigma Delta exists to recognise student achievements, provide guidance and promote its five core values: excellence, leadership, creativity, service and ethics.

Only the top 20% of hospitality students worldwide are able to join this exclusive society, one of whom is BBA in Global Hospitality Management student Argyro Tsavalou, a Les Roches Student Ambassador and Greek national who grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Now nearing graduation, Argyro took time out of her busy schedule to share her thoughts on study, the society and her hopes for the future. 

Q. As a top student at Les Roches, could you please share some tips that helped you excel academically?

A. To excel academically at Les Roches, I have had to be well-organized, gather diverse perspectives through effective collaboration with classmates and build strong relationships with teachers. The last element in particular has enabled me to get valuable guidance and feedback throughout my studies, but I attribute my success so far to all three.  

Q. Where did you complete your internships and what were your main responsibilities?

A. My first internship was at Cretan Malia Park on the island of Crete, where I worked in the front office and concierge department carrying out a range of duties relevant to each. This showed me what it’s like to work on the frontline of any hospitality business. The President Brussels Hotel in the Belgian capital of Brussels is where I spent my second internship. There, I was working in the sales and marketing department, which gave me a great insight into the corporate side of the hotel industry.

Q. How do you believe being a member of Eta Sigma Delta will influence your future career?

Hopefully positively. Being a member of the society means I’ll be part of a worldwide network and gain access to valuable industry insights, which I believe will enhance my career prospects and open doors to meaningful opportunities. The society’s emphasis on excellence aligns with my career goals, while I think its focus on promoting continuous growth and professional development will help ensure I remain at the forefront of thinking and best practice in hospitality.

Q. What are your career plans after completing your studies at Les Roches?

A. Upon graduation from Les Roches, I am aiming for a career in the yachting industry. I will be channeling my efforts into operations and management, where I believe I will be able to apply my skills and passion in this dynamic field. I am excited about the opportunity to put what I’ve learned during my education into practice in a real-world setting and making a meaningful difference.