Advice to my BBA1 self: Reflections from a BBA7 student

This blog was written by BBA7 student Ekaterina Borisovskaya.

September 4th of 2023 marked the start of my last semester of the Bachelor’s degree at Les Roches Marbella. Three years have passed since I started my journey at Les Roches and 5 months are left until I finish it. Looking back at all of my semesters, I realize that this is a lifetime journey. I decided to sum up my experience and write a blog about what pieces of advice I would give to myself as BBA1 from last year student.

Manage your time well

The first and main advice is to use your time as effective as possible. Les Roches is a unique university, where you can combine studies with networking. Being a part of Les Roches means that you will be provided with the most solid knowledge taught by professionals of the industry while working in the international environment in your classroom. As in my classroom, there were always so many nationalities. Every semester the school welcomes a new batch of students, and you get to know many new people.

Use this chance to communicate with your teachers, everyone has their own experience and knowledge to share with you. Do not forget to collect and use all the materials provided to you. My most important tip in studies is to always stay on track, read more material outside of class and be pro-active during lessons. My personal motivation that always boost my efficiency is the idea of being a part of Eta Sigma Delta.

Invest in networking

The second advice is to network. To me, networking is what Les Roches is about! Everyone around you is an opportunity to become better by learning from others. During your time at the university, you have an exceptional chance to connect with people from all over the world, as we have more than 100 nationalities on campus.

There are grand events happening every semester on campus such as Welcome Party, Cultural Day, Career Days, and Sports Day. Here, networking works as it should! Moreover, there are events happening for public, such as SUTUS, and Alumni events with inspiring speakers. Networking doesn’t stop when you graduate. As after graduation, you become a part of an expanding family – Les Roches Alumni Community, one of the strongest communities in the Global Hospitality sector.

A better you

The third advice is to become the best version of yourself. Being a student at Les Roches is a fortune as you may develop the most vital and important skills for Hospitality Industry. At the beginning of each semester, a selection process for the Ambassador Program and the Student Governance Association (SGA) takes place. These programs are designed for students with high motivation to learn outside of class. As I mentioned in my previous blog, becoming a Les Roches Ambassador requires high commitment and care, dedication and passion towards the program.

From my experience, I’ve been participating in private events such as launch of MINI’s, Open Days, meetings with potential students. Ambassadors’ voice matters and if you are looking to improve the student life at Les Roches as well as to gain extra practice and skills, you are welcome to apply and become a valuable member.

Enjoy your time here

The final advice I would totally share with all the first-semester students is to enjoy. Enjoy every week, day and hour at Les Roches. Try to save time to participate in different clubs – my favorites are wellness, gastro and outdoor clubs, house competitions, sports days, and other great activities organized (we’ve a got a lot each semester)!

Time passes fast and I am a proof. I remember when I was writing my BBA1 diaries from my practical classes and now I give tips as I am a last-semester student. Anyways, I am really excited about my upcoming semester and looking forward to share with you about my experience in the future blogs!

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