A student’s inspiration for the upcoming year

This blog was written by Les Roches Marbella student Ekaterina Borisovskaya, who is currently studying our Bachelor’s in Global Hospitality Management.

Hello everyone! Such a long time has passed on, so many life-changing events and unforgettable moments took place in my life. I hope great things happened for you as well.

September is my favorite month of the year, a month when students come back from their home towns or internships, and get back together with their friends and teachers to continue their studies. When you don’t know what to expect you start feeling lost and terrified, uncertainty frequently causes anxiety and of course it is uncomfortable for anyone to experiences this. On the other hand, when you are aware of the things that might happen, you feel yourself safe and excited. That is exactly why I am offering my help to you via this blog.

Currently I’m going through these types of emotions. Right now, I feel very energized, happy, filled with a lot of positive emotions to be back to Les Roches Marbella for my BBA3 semester. I would lie if I said I am not happy to start an academic year at Les Roches. Practical term and internship brought me a lot of experience and knowledge, but I have a feeling that this academic semester is going to be even better. Teamworking, developing projects, self-studying… these are things that I’m expecting from BBA3 – but I will expand on this on later blog posts.

Now, I have already finished my first week and it is definitely different from the other semester. First day has passed on with the general introduction from our course coordinator – Ms. Fernandez; and our Head of School – Mr. Soler. It was a big group Les Roches Marbella assembly. The speakers really impressed me and left positive feelings to start my academic year. As for me, the most important at the beginning of each semester is to hear the motivational speech from the leader and opinion-maker of the whole university, it brings all students back to reality and set up on to the right path.

It expects to be quite an interesting but hard-working semester. There are a lot of new courses both focused on the Financial issues of a performance (Data Analysis and Accounting), and on the Marketing/ Communications issues and Global Trends (Diversity, Sustainability). Obviously, we keep studying the foreign languages such as French, Spanish and German since it is vital in the Hospitality Industry.

One of the biggest differences between first and third semesters is the opportunity of BBA1 students to get acquainted with Marbella social life, academic studies and common issues during the first free of studies week. My personal advice to you is to get organized and ready for the real hard practical semester: get some sleep, get familiar with your timetables, prepare your uniform. If you have any concerns, you can always refer to me.

I wish you all a great semester, make a lot of friends, memories and besides having fun, concentrate on your academic achievements.

Please don’t forget about your real personal achievements and life chances to be a part of the university activities: follow LRM Ambassador’s pathways as well as follow the Instagram page of SGA (Student Governance Association) – @lrmstudentgovernance.