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Strategies for The Hotel & Tourism Industry during the “New Normal” of Covid-19

“A situation of unprecedented instability is generally a good reason for cuts and exceptional measures, as well as new opportunities in the hotel and tourism industry.“

“The Hospitality Industry Today and Tomorrow”, Les Roches Alumni Unite

At the forefront of the hospitality industry’s recovery are Les Roches alumni. They came together in an online forum recently to discuss strategies moving forward.

Adapt and innovate: five steps on the path to recovery for luxury hospitality

Sebastian Löffler graduated from Les Roches Marbella in June 2017. The world of hospitality looked very different back then, but Sebastian has given us his thoughts on the current crisis situation and how the luxury hospitality sector can manage its recovery.

2019 inspirational graduation speech: Panos Tzivanidis, from Les Roches to the International Olympic Committee

When Panos Tzivanidis embarked on his studies at Les Roches in the summer of 1991, he couldn’t have imagined quite…