Technology in hospitality

Technology is playing a more dominant role in our lives, from entertainment to work, and even how we eat, sleep, or access healthcare.

It will be no surprise that technology is also a force in the modern hospitality industry.

Many hospitality venues, resorts, and hotels are finding new ways businesses can be more efficient through the use of hospitality technology and innovation.

In this article, we’ll go over how technology is used in the hospitality industry, and what benefits this can bring.

We’ll also discuss some potential issues with technology in hospitality, and why it’s important to make sure that, when studying hospitality.

You get a well-rounded education in hospitality management and digital strategy to help you merge technology into this field.


Introduction to technology in hospitality settings

There are already many ways that the hospitality industry makes use of technology, and the industry tends to adopt new technology that can enhance the customer experience.

Hospitality tech includes developments in payment processing to better inventory management and technological methods of making customers feel more welcome and comfortable.

Technology is evolving rapidly, giving us new ideas and methods for improving hospitality and the hotel industry.

You can be sure new technology in hospitality will be explored with enthusiasm, and technology will guide evolving trends in the hospitality industry.

With every hospitality company keen to see how smart technology can improve what they offer.


What is the role of technology in the hospitality industry?

For hospitality venues, such as hotels and resorts, the role of technology will address different needs.

These include technology in hospitality that makes it easier for staff and management to organize, collaborate, and complete tasks.

Technology in hospitality may take the form of organizational tools, communications, and more.

Another aspect of hospitality that benefits from technology is the customer-facing element.

This includes technologies that customers interact with directly, such as when booking, paying or staying at a venue.

It’s worth considering these roles when looking at how technology affects the hospitality sector.

Some of it might be out of sight for customers, but this doesn’t mean that it’s any less important.


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Other impacts of technology in hospitality

Of course, not all the effects of technology are positive. Some results from the use of technology can be seen as a mixed blessing.

  • Risk of cyber attack: If you rely on technology connected to the internet, it is important to make sure that your company is protected with suitable cybersecurity measures.
    Otherwise, it could be possible for an outside user to hack in and gain control of your systems. This could even mean they access automated payroll systems or the personal information of your customers.
  • New expectations for businesses: While many technologies are fantastic for improving the customer experience, this is becoming an accepted part of hospitality venues.
    This means that there is an expectation to always have new technology that improves the customer experience.



Technology is an important part of life now, and we see it everywhere we go. Hospitality is no different, and there are plenty of ways that technology trends in hospitality can help the sector.

If you’re looking at hospitality as a career, it is vital to make sure that you become well-versed in technology for hotels, resorts, and other venues.

This can help ensure that you know everything necessary about the management and planning techniques that are readily available.

A hospitality degree from Les Roches can assist you in making the most of digital tools to enhance your career path.