This is what studying hospitality from home looks like

Our unique blended learning option, Les Roches Connect, is making it possible for BBA1 students to learn from home if impacted by COVID-19 travel restrictions. But what will studying from home look like for a student; and how does it keep your hospitality education on track?


Before we answer those questions, it’s essential to point out that there are two versions of Les Roches Connect. The first is a ‘blended’ option which splits the semester in two, offering 10 weeks of learning at home followed by 10 weeks on campus. The second is a fully remote option, with 20 weeks of learning at home. 

You can discover how Les Roches Connect BBA 10+10 works here:



And for the inside track on Les Roches Connect BBA 20 watch this short film:



Each video tracks the journey of a Bachelor student beginning their Practical Arts studies at home. From the delivery of your Les Roches Connect welcome package, to the live streams and communities that keep your education and experience on track, it’ll give you a taste of what to expect.


See remote Practical Arts teaching in action

You may be in different kitchens, but through live streams and demos broadcast from our own television studio, you’ll be able to fully take part in Practical Arts lessons. Take a look at how teaching will work for at-home students. You’ll also meet the experts that will immerse you fully in the art of hospitality, irrespective of location. They include World Champion sommelier, Paolo Basso, and multi award-winning chefs Luc Debove and Christophe Raoux.

With your cocktail shaker in your hand, you’ll virtually head behind the bar to make mojitos and Singapore Slings in your own kitchen. There’ll be one-to-one coaching and mentoring, and you’ll gain a practical foundation for the applied business and management topics that you’ll study with us in future semesters.


Head behind the scenes

You’ll learn about hotel operations and management, with classes delivered directly from experienced faculty to your desktop at home. Your home-based learning will take you behind the scenes of the hotel and get you hands-on with industry-standard property management systems. You’ll also have the chance to try your hand at hotel management, through an interactive game.


Bringing campus life to you

Though you are off-campus, you can still be part of the ‘Les Roches Way of Life’. There are plenty of ways that BBA1 students can remotely experience the all-important student life. Even at home, you can join student clubs and committees, take part in activities and have the chance to become a Student Ambassador.

You will also have full access to the campus Career Services team, who will be just a video call away throughout your home-based learning. They’ll ensure you benefit from personalized career support and advice to support your journey towards your first professional internship in semester 2.


From ‘virtual’ to ‘actual’ reality

If you’ve chosen our 10+10 option, the second half of your semester will see you join us on campus. Upon your arrival, staff, faculty, and your classmates will be waiting with a warm welcome and stories to share, ready to study the second and final 10 weeks of semester 1 side-by-side with you!

 If you have chosen the BBA 20 option, you’ll complete the semester having learned everything you need to hit the ground running with your professional internship, before joining us on campus to resume your studies in semester 3. 

Whichever option you choose, you’ll achieve the same academic outcomes as your fellow students who are 100% on campus. And best of all, you’ll keep your education – and your future – on track.