A student’s review of Open Days at Les Roches Marbella campus

This blog was written by Les Roches Marbella student Ekaterina Borisovskaya, who is currently studying our Bachelor’s in Global Hospitality Management.

Choosing a university is a difficult process and it has a big impact on the long term for a student’s life – both professionally and personally. It’s important for potential students and their parents to make sure they make the right decision. In order to help students, universities like Les Roches organize events like Open Days, both in person and virtual, to give students a taste of what to expect – and assure their parents that they’re making the right choice.

This experience is something that you will always remember. This day is aimed at showing people who attend what life is really like at the university. At Les Roches on such a day you can talk to lecturers, staff and Student Ambassadors; you’ll also have the change to visit the campus and see what the accommodation facilities are like – as well as participate in many other interesting activities.

Moreover, it is a great chance for both parents and students to get more acquainted with the university programs on campus.

“In many ways, the visit determined our decision on the choice of university. So, I became a student of the Bachelor program at Les Roches Marbella.”

Talking about my experience as an enrollee, it was quite an important moment in the decision-making process. Back in 2019 I was not able to attend that event because of college program and visa restrictions. However, my parents attended an Open Day event at Les Roches Marbella. It was especially important day for my them. They had their chance to see all the facilities including living rooms, restaurants, classrooms and open areas. In general, they were impressed and satisfied with those few days that they spent in Marbella. Of course, Russian-speaking Ambassador was of particular value in helping them get to know the university. In many ways, that visit determined our decision on the choice of the university. So, I became a student of the Bachelor program at Les Roches Marbella.

This year Open Day at Les Roches Marbella was held on the 19th of November 2021. As an Ambassador I participated in it and it became my next great experience that I would like to share with you.

As part of the team during Open Day I focused on showing the spirit and enthusiasm I have for Les Roches. Open Day Autumn 2021 consisted of a few parts: Firstly, talking with University community members, secondly, giving parents and potential students a campus tour (in many languages as I speak fluent English and native Russian), showing Les Roches Marbella in action and finally helping with the closing Q&A session. I had the chance to see how our university was preparing for the event and how it went along.

What I enjoyed most was the lunch with applicants and their parents. There were so many different families from all over the world. We hosted them and as for me I talked to several families who were just planning their journeys towards the hospitality industry and were interested to know as much as possible about our student life.  On that day I was once again convinced of the importance of the event for those entering the university.  I hope that at the end of the day everyone was really happy and convinced that Les Roches is the right choice is you’re looking for a future in the hospitality industry.

Of course, due to travel restrictions, unfortunately not everyone has a chance to visit our campus for Open Days. However, there are good news! Les Roches offers special remote options if you’d like to visit our campus or talk with faculty. You could always visit online events.  Also, I advise you to keep up with my blogs and catch up with the news. Good luck to all who enters this year Les Roches!