Professional Development Diploma in International Hospitality Management*

Next intake: September 2023

1 year


1 Field trip

1 Internship

CampusSwitzerland, Spain

*Not recognised by Canton of Valais

Next intake: September 2023

Available in Switzerland and Spain, our Professional Development Diploma features bespoke academic content, a hospitality-focused field trip plus a 6-month professional internship. You can also use it as a springboard to our flagship MBA program.

  • Hospitality Immersion Program*

    2 weeks

    Switzerland, Spain
    Term 1

    6 months + business field trip

    Switzerland, Spain

    6 months

    *Only for students without a hospitality degree or any professional hospitality experience


  • Professional Development Diploma to MBA track*

    *Upon acceptance of an interview panel

Hospitality Immersion Program (HIP)

Essential grounding in the fundamentals of hospitality. Optional, designed for students without a hospitality degree/relevant experience.

Academic term

Features courses like leadership, innovation, services marketing, event management and financial/performance management, as well as a business field trip.

Industry internship

A six-month professional internship gives you the chance to apply everything you learned in your first semester. We help to arrange internships with top brands all over the world

The field trip* is an essential – and hugely popular – element of this PDD program, bringing to life what you’ve learned in the classroom.

You’ll get to visit some 8 to 10 luxury hotels, meeting with General Managers, departmental heads and other experienced hospitality professionals.

Get your name known in one of the world’s fastest-growing and most innovative luxury hospitality markets.

*The exact location will be decided according to the current global situation

As a PDD student you will have access to expert career counselors to guide and support you as you pursue your hospitality dreams.

And around 200 of the biggest brands in hospitality, luxury, finance and retail come to our campuses every year – in person or virtually – to recruit new talent.

Your PDD program includes a 6-month professional internship, where you can develop your hospitality know-how and discover the secrets of the best, and most innovative, brands.

You can base your internship in your country of study, or make use of our global industry connections to try a completely new environment.

Whatever your choice, we will help you secure an internship that matches your ambitions and personality, and you’ll be fully supported throughout your internship experience.

"Entering a luxury brand store should convey the same feeling and impression as walking into a 5-star luxury hotel. And that is why we decided to start a collaboration with Les Roches, since they are masters of it!"

Next intake date

September 2023

Minimum age:



Senior High School Diploma and transcript, or equivalent, plus any evidences from tertiary or continuous education such as Associate Degree, Higher Diploma, professional advancement certificate etc. if there is any.

Documents are accepted in English for all campuses. Additionally, in French, German and Italian for our Swiss campus; and Spanish, French and Portuguese for our Spanish campus. Otherwise, an official notarized translation in English will be required.

Work experience:

Minimum 3 years of work experience in business or hospitality fields, preferrably with position at managerial or executive level (work certificates required).

Eligibility to pursue MBA on completion

Upon successful completion of the Professional Development Diploma in International Hospitality Management program, a student may attempt to apply for joining the second semester of the Master of Business Administration in Global Hospitality program. The eligibility will be reviewed by the Special Progression Admission Panel based on circumstances, academic and professional competences of each individual.

This is an illustration of the basic fee structure you can expect for the program. For a full breakdown of fees download a course brochure.
Academic expenses CHF
Tuition Fees 23,650
Learning Resources 565
Health and accident insurance 1,750
Business Field trip 3,150
Total 29,115
Living expenses CHF
Half board 3,535
Total 3,535
Academic expenses EUR
Tuition Fees 15,365
Learning Resources 570
Health and accident insurance 870
Business Field trip 2,310
Total 19,115
Living expenses EUR
Half board 2,345
Total 2,345
Main Fees CNY
Tuition, Full Board, Books, Medical Exam 125,000
Healthcare 3,800
Total 129,400
Remote study options

March 2022 intake

In response to the current circumstances, we have introduced three ‘a la carte’ study options to help you keep your education on track. They are:

  • 100% face-to-face on campus
  • Study remotely until you are ready/able to join us on campus – with seamless integration to curriculum
  • 100% remote learning at home

Download a brochure for more information