Executive Professional Development Diploma in International Hotel Management

Accelerate your career without interrupting it.

100% Online Available

6 months

Next intake: March 2023


Presented in a blended format, so you can study without leaving your job, this professional Diploma enhances your business and management skills, giving you the edge to stand out from the crowd. An optional 6-month internship provides the opportunity to put your newly-learned career skills to the test.

Term 1:  

Packed with high level business and management content, including marketing, modelling, analytics and leadership behaviors.

Internship (compulsory): 

A six-month professional internship provides an opportunity to apply everything you have learned in class.

While you are with us on campus, our Careers Development and Industry Placement (CDIP) team will help you to plot your future career path.

You will also be able to build your industry network and make new connections, with around 200 companies visiting our campuses each year – in person or virtually – to engage with, and recruit, our students

This PDD incorporates an 6-month professional internship, where you can develop your hotel management expertise in a real-world environment – while building your all-important industry network.

You can complete this internship at your present employer, or we will support you in arranging an internship that builds on the Master’s program content.

Minimum age


Work experience

Five years

English Level

TOEFL 70 OR 5.5 IELTS or Cambridge grade C (minimum 160)

This is an illustration of the basic fee structure you can expect for the program. For a full breakdown of fees download a course brochure.
Academic Expenses EUR
Tuition fees 16,930
Total Compulsory Academic Expenses 16,930
Living Expenses EUR
Full board 1,420
Total compulsory food expenses 1,420
Remote study options

March 2022 intake

In response to the current circumstances, we have introduced three ‘a la carte’ study options to help you keep your education on track. They are:

  • 100% face-to-face on campus
  • Study remotely until you are ready/able to join us on campus – with seamless integration to curriculum
  • 100% remote learning at home

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