Bilingual (Spanish/English) Bachelor’s in Global Hospitality Management

Our new Bilingual Bachelor’s is for Spanish-speaking students who have not reached the level of English required to enroll in our English language BBA.


  • Available exclusively in Marbella, featuring selected academic classes in Spanish combined with intensive English language tuition
  • English-speaking first internship destination to accelerate language learning
  • Semesters 6 and 7 taught 100% in English
  • Graduate with a fully-accredited Les Roches Bachelor’s degree and “professional standard” English


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For Exchange/ transfer options check with admissions office or your Education Counsellor

For this dual language program we require an B1 English level.

Written and spoken English will be a major focus of your first taught semester, while your hospitality studies stay on track thanks to 45% of academic courses being taught in Spanish.

Your first professional internship is then taken in an English-speaking country, in order to accelerate the language learning process.

By semesters 3&4, Spanish language teaching drops to 33% and 13% respectively, with your final academic semesters being taught 100% in English.

Upon graduation, you will earn a fully accredited Bachelor’s degree accompanied by an official English certificate.

Learn English and hospitality

English is the global language of hospitality.

Your opening semester features credit-bearing and extracurricular English lessons on topics such as “English for the Hospitality Industry” and “English Language and Communication”; with Spanish language hospitality classes accounting for 10 of the 19 academic credits available. English language tuition continues into semesters 3 and 4, after which you will be assessed for your language certificate.

Live and work immersed in English

An English-speaking hospitality market will be the destination for your first professional internship in semester 2, allowing you to supercharge your language development while also experiencing hospitality operations close-up.

For the second internship in semester 5, all students who have passed their English certificate will have a free choice of employment location.

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