8 Employee Perks that Attract the Best Talent in the Hospitality Industry

No matter what industry you work in, when you are looking for new talent to hire, you obviously want the best and the brightest. But, what do you have to offer them? Just because you are hiring, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to get the best talent. In the hospitality industry, you really do need to have amazing talent working for you, and in order to get that talent, you need to offer more than the next guy. Here are some of the most attractive perks that will make that talent interested in working for you.

1. Freebies

When companies give things to their employees, such as gym memberships, gift cards, concert tickets, etc., they are showing their employees that they value their work. People want to know that they are valued, and if they know that yours is a company that will go that extra mile to show appreciation, they will be more interested in working for you.

2. Free Food

If you are looking for people to work in your restaurant, one thing you can offer as a perk is free or discounted food. Not only is this going to be attractive to potential employees, it is also going to help you, because they will be able to get to know the menu better and make recommendations to your patrons.

3. Outplacement Services

Look for a company that offers outplacement services. Even though you don’t plan to be laid off, it does happen, especially in this industry during the off season. Outplacement services can help you to transition into a new career with a different company so you don’t end up out of work and in the unemployment line. Offering this service will really help to improve your employer branding.

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4. Maternity Leave

This is a huge issue these days, and more and more people are not taking jobs unless they know that there are good maternity leave benefits, and paternity benefits. If you are able to provide these benefits, you are showing potential employees that you want them to succeed, both on the job and in their personal lives, and that you will make sure that they can spend quality time with their children.

5. R & R

Everyone needs a bit of rest and relaxation, even when they are on the job. Offer employees a space where they can have just that. Give them a games room, a health center, or another place where they can enjoy their breaks. This gives them a chance to unwind, and socialize with coworkers. Also, create team events using these services that will get people working together in teams.

6. Profit Sharing

If potential employees know that they are going to earn a share of the profits, they will be more likely to go to work for you. Not only will they be making extra money, they will be able to see just how much they are contributing to the success of your company, and feel better about themselves and their work.

7. Flexible Vacation Plans

More and more companies are creating new and better vacation policies, from offering more scheduling flexibility to giving out bonuses that will cover employee vacation expenses. Some companies will even reimburse their employees’ vacation expenses, or offer free trips to deserving employees. If you are operating a hotel, you can offer discounts on rooms, free rooms etc.

8. Extra Time Off

There are always going to be times when an employee needs time off for various reasons, from attending parent/teacher conferences to taking courses to upgrade their skills, and more. Many companies are seeing the value in offering additional paid time off so their employees can do the things they need to do without feeling like they are being pulled in several directions at once, and this is attractive to potential talent that you want to hire.