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From getting around town to knowing how to dress on campus — find the information you need to make yourself at home.

Student Affairs can help provide you with the information you need to get settled on campus. On this page, you can find information on our dress code, explore public transportation options, learn about Les Roches accommodations and more.


On-campus accommodation is compulsory for undergraduate students during Semesters 1, 3 and 4, as well as for all undergraduate direct entry and undergraduate exchange students transferring to Les Roches Crans-Montana for the first time. The standard rate covers accommodation in a shared double room for Semester 1 students (single room optional), and a single room for Semester 3 and 4 students. Semester 6 and 7 students may choose to stay in a single room or furnished appartment on campus at an additional cost.

Postgraduate students can choose to live on campus in a single room, or in a furnished appartment, or to find external accomodation to live off campus.

For questions concerning accommodations, please email the Accommodation Department and reply to their emails in a timely manner.

The Swiss buses, metros, and trains run efficiently and can take you anywhere you want to go! Students can purchase a half-fare card to get half-price on all tickets for bus and train.

For information about the train and bus schedules and prices, please visit the official Swiss website of the SBB/CFF.

For some more information about travelling in Switzerland, see

Students must be formally dressed, in compliance with the requirements of the hospitality industry from Monday to Friday, from 06:00 to 18:00. After 18:00, tie and jacket are not required and students can dress in smart casual, except for students attending classes or if there is a formal event on the campus.

Students entering their first semester in the Bachelor or Diploma program must bring 2-3 black trousers/skirts and white, button-down shirts (with a collar) for the craft based learning service courses.

For more detailed descriptions of the dress code, see the Professional Image Policy and the Grooming Standards for BBA semester 1 students.

The Admissions Department has created an informative booklet in your acceptance package called the Pre-Arrival Information. We recommend that you read it carefully for the official campus procedures.

If you wish to receive parcels or register your new address on campus, please use the correct address and please indicate your name and student number:

Les Roches Global Hospitality Education

Student’s Complete Name and Student Number
Route des Moulinettes 2
3975 Bluche, Crans-Montana

Please do not send personal parcels and letters to the Admissions address.

Connect with students from your class by joining the WhatsApp group that will be created right before the semester. This special group will be reserved for the new students arriving for one specific semester. You can use this group to discover your classmates and start making friends. You will also receive Newsletters and notices to prepare you for your arrival in Les Roches, and with indications on how to join your group.

Chat with one of our student ambassadors to get an insight into life at Les Roches or to ask any question you want:

Follow Les Roches on Instagram and TikTok! Look for “@lesrochesswitzerland” and “”.

Click here to check the Intake Calendar. If you have any questions about your specific program dates, please contact us directly.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly.


The Student Services Department has created an informative guide included in the welcome pack of Les Roches Marbella: “Campus Guide”. You can download a copy in the New Enrolled Students section of the website. We recommend you read it carefully to complete the official procedures for entering the school.

If you have requested a single room on your registration form and one is available, it will be reserved for you when the fees have been paid and confirmed by the Accounting Department.

Please remember that standard accommodation is subject to availability. The latest registrations and late payments may lead to a modification of the conditions (special accommodation) and the charges associated with them.

For any questions about accommodation, please go to the Admissions Department:

The students of Les Roches Marbella must dress formally, according to the requirements of the hospitality industry, from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:30. After 17:30, the tie and jacket are not mandatory, so students may wear a casual or more casual style, except those who have class or in case there is a formal event on campus.

For more detailed information, access to the Dress Code of Les Roches Marbella in the Campus Guide 

Accident and medical insurance is mandatory for students in Spain. Please, check if your insurance has coverage in Spain.

The health insurance of the school, SANITAS MUNDI, is not included in the academic fees, but it can be acquired by checking the corresponding box in the Registration Document or by sending an email to the Enrollment Department: before arrival on campus.

If you already have medical insurance with international coverage, you must attach a copy of your card to the Registration Department before your arrival.


Follow us on Facebook!

We have a group dedicated to new students who start the course next semester. You can join to meet your classmates and start making friends.

In addition, you will receive advice and notices to prepare your arrival at Les Roches Marbella. If you have already been admitted to the school, you will receive by email an invitation to join this private group (please remember that you will receive the invitation at the address indicated on the registration document).

When you have received the invitation, follow these steps:

  • Log in to Facebook (if you do not have a Facebook account you will have to create one)
  • Go to the Facebook group for new students (the invitation sent by email will specify the group’s data and the link to access)
  • Click on “Join the Group”
  • We will accept you as soon as possible ** Please remember that to be accepted into the group, you must be a student already enrolled in Les Roches Marbella. If your Facebook name is not the name indicated in the documentation, let us know.

If you wish to receive postal mail or register your new address, please use the postal address of the campus and indicate your name and student number:

c/o Les Roches Marbella Global Hospitality Education
Urb. Lomas de Río Verde
Carretera de Istán Km. 1 s/n
E-29602 Marbella

If your have any question or need more detailed information on any subject, you can contact us directly as follows:

Payment Confirmations

New students – Please, send an email to the Admissions Department:
Current students – Please, send an email to the Accounting Department:
Computer services – Please, send an email to the IT Department: o call +34 972 764 145

Accommmodation Requests

New students – Please, send an email to the Admissions Department:
Current students – Please, send an email to the Accommodation Department:
Residence Permit – Please, send an email to the Student Affairs Department:

Medical Insurance

Please, send an email to the Admissions Department:

Other questions

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