Les Roches students participate in events and organize a charity dinner

The following blog entry was written by Ekaterina Borisovskaya, who is currently studying the third semester of the BBA in Global Hospitality Management

This semester has started very rapidly and furious for me. First of all, regarding the academic part of BBA3 I am already on my 4th week of classes and it’s going very well. I’ve begun to study a lot of new subjects as I mentioned in my previous blog such as Marketing, Introduction to Sustainability and others.

Now I am about to upload my first on-going assessment in Marketing to finish our first two chapters. I am looking forward to having more projects and I am sure they will bring me more ideas and knowledge.

Second and no less important point that has happened during my first month this semester in Les Roches are of course my Ambassador’s Activities. I was helping to welcome new BBA1’s on campus and it was an extraordinary chance for me to get to know more new people and students. I also helped and communicated a lot with their parents by answering their questions and requests.

Since it is their first time at the university and maybe even abroad, I understood the importance of helping and hosting new students. I was helping them not only during the arrival days but also outside of university, which I think benefited most of them. As for the parents, there was a campus tour organized where parents and students had a chance to get to see all the Les Roches Marbella facilities up and close. They were also able to speak directly with our teachers, chefs and other staff. Obviously, the campus tour was provided for them in both Spanish and English languages.

Another experience of mine was an Instagram Takeover for Les Roches Spain official page. During two days I was leading, answering questions and creating content for the Les Roches Marbella Instagram page. It was an extraordinary opportunity for me to try this experience and also, I hope that I assisted a lot of people who are still deciding on choosing hospitality as their field of studies and Les Roches Marbella as their alma mater.

I showed new people what the day-to-day life is like as BBA1 and BBA3 student, our campus facilities and activities, provided feedback from other students about their experience at Les Roches Marbella and many other topics. Even though I had only 2 days, I think that we managed to cover a lot of urgent issues. I hope I can do more activities with you in the near future, so stay tuned!

Also, as a part of the Ambassador’s team, we had a day of ice-breaking games in order to introduce students to each other. We had so much fun, and I believe that students would remember that day and this experience will help them to work in teams, to get new friends and to enjoy the Les Roches #WayofLife.

This Friday (1st of October) we had a special charity gala dinner for Fundación Harena. The event took place in the garden of campus. We are actively involved in such actions that address the needs of the community; it is a part of our corporate social responsibility.

For years Les Roches has carried out various solidarity actions such as social actions, volunteer services or donations, to benefit the community and the commitment of the educational entity with the city of Marbella and its province, which houses the headquarters.

Fundación Harena

This event has brought a lot of positive emotions, united us by the strong will to contribute to build a more just and committed society, showed all of us how important it is to care about other people, the people who most need our help. At this event we worked together as a great team: chefs, students of different years and of course teachers. Also, external volunteers participated actively.

It was really hard to work for almost 12 hours preparing and hosting a sit-down dinner for 350 people under open sky in the garden. As a result, we had amazing feedback from our invited guests and a feeling of deep self-satisfaction. These events are a great way to get involved with charitable causes, get a first sense of what it’s like to manage a big event and of course get into the Les Roches Way of Life!

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