The best private island resorts you could work on

Transform your working life by joining the resort management teams of the world’s top private island resorts. Imagine carrying out your duties amid the stunning landscapes you would find in places such as the Seychelles or Fiji, where turquoise waters meet ivory sands. This guide offers insights into landing these unique hospitality career opportunities. Escape the ordinary and embrace a different kind of professional outlook where the views are always breathtaking. In this article, we’ll look at what it can be like working on island resorts.

What are private island resorts?

Private island resorts are often exclusive and luxurious, giving guests a variety of high-end amenities and activities. They operate in the luxury tourism and hospitality sector, so they provide guests with services and facilities beyond what most regular hotels deliver. This also means staff are expected to offer incredible customer service. To work in management or a high-end role on a private island resort, you will need to make sure you have world-class hospitality skills and knowledge.

What kind of roles do private island resorts offer?

There are many different roles you can consider if you want to work at a private island resort. These include:

  • Housekeeping
  • Receptionists/customer service associates
  • Spa therapists
  • Resort management
  • Revenue manager
  • Luxury management
  • Hotel general manager
  • Chefs / bartenders
  • Food and beverage manager.

A lot of these roles are managerial roles that offer an exciting workload of helping steer the resort to new heights. If you are interested in hospitality management careers on private island resorts, a great place to start is with a hospitality degree, which will give you the skills and knowledge needed for such high-end roles.

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Private island resorts in Oceania and the Pacific

The vastness of the Pacific Ocean is home to a stunning collection of islands, each boasting unique features and many offering luxury hospitality. Private island resorts in this region deliver unparalleled guest experience, while also providing compelling work opportunities for professionals seeking an adventurous career change. Among the best examples in the region are:

Kokomo Private Island, Fiji

Surrounded by sparkling turquoise waters that are home to a vast range of marine life, Kokomo Private Island Resort is one of the best private island resorts. As part of the team here, you would be responsible for creating unforgettable memories in an authentic tropical paradise.

The Brando, French Polynesia

Named after legendary actor Marlon Brando, who owned this exclusive atoll, The Brando resonates with glamourous exclusivity. With strong environmental policies and a commitment towards sustainability to maintain its pristine beaches, this resort has many opportunities for individuals who prioritize eco-consciousness in their careers. Using renewable energy sources such as solar power and coconut oil biodiesel sets this resort apart as a luxury green destination.

Lizard Island Resort, Great Barrier Reef

Situated just 150 miles off the Cairns coastline lies Australia’s northernmost private island and its pristine lagoons. Lizard Island Resort is a location that offers a beautiful work environment. You’ll also be working at the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, one of Australia’s and the world’s greatest natural wonders.

Private island resorts in North America and the Caribbean

North America and the Caribbean is a region with many private island resorts. The companies in this area are famed for embracing a fusion of opulence and natural splendor, making it a dream workplace for many.

COMO Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos is one of the jewels of the Atlantic. The renowned COMO Parrot Cay offers an exclusive island experience that blends panoramic views and unparalleled luxury. This is one of the most prestigious luxury resorts in the world to work at. The resort is big on health and wellness too, so fitness or spa professionals will find opportunities here as well.

Lovango Cay, US Virgin Islands

Lovango Cay is a gem in the US Virgin Isles, where unforgettable experiences merge seamlessly with tranquil settings. A prominent eco-conscious approach underpins operations here, providing the opportunity for environmental enthusiasts to make an impact professionally.

Jumby Bay Island, Antigua and Barbuda

The stunning Jumby Bay Island resort in beautiful Antigua-Barbuda offers sweeping sea views and unparalleled luxury. A specialist in luxurious all-inclusive packages, the resort provides great opportunities for professional development.

Private island resorts in South America

Private island resorts in South America
Westend61 / Westend61 Via Getty Images

South America, with its lush scenery, seductive beaches and captivating biodiversity, is home to some of the most luxurious private island resorts on our planet. For those dreaming of working near coastal beauty or tropical rainforests, here are a few standout options.

Sweet Bocas, Panama

Swe­et Bocas is a hidden treasure­ in Panama that perfectly captures the­ essence of South Ame­rican private resorts. Nestle­d in a stunning 15-acre estate, this luxurious se­ven-bedroom villa seamle­ssly blends opulence with nature­. The resort enables employees to work in breathtaking surroundings with a delightful work-life balance. 

Islas Secas, Panama

Islas Secas, an exquisite­ private island resort nestle­d in the Pacific Ocean near Panama, not only offers luxurious hospitality but also places a strong emphasis on ecological pre­servation and sustainability. This is a great choice if you want to provide the very best service to guests while also enjoying a memorable location and contributing to sustainable hospitality.

Private Island Resorts near Africa

Africa, a continent widely known for its wildlife and safari experiences, is also home to some of the most exclusive island resorts. These luxury private islands off the coast offer exceptional access to raw beauty, dining under starlit skies, magical marine life encounters and impressive villa accommodations.

Miavana, by Time + Tide, Madagascar

Nestled off Madagascar’s coast and boasting white sandy beaches, Miavana by Time + Tide is one of Africa’s premier private island resorts and places significant emphasis on eco-tourism. As an employee here, you can focus on contributing to wildlife conservation as well as delivering the highest levels of service and hospitality.

Frégate Island Private, Seychelles Frégate Island

This island in the Seychelles is the pinnacle of luxury and also has a strong focus on conservation. With opulent residences hidden among lush foliage next to crystal-clear waters, guests can enjoy privacy and nature’s beauty. Your role here can go beyond work to encompass eco-friendly initiatives and the chance to engage with conservation efforts.

North Island, Seychelles

A private island paradise that redefines luxury island experiences with an unparalleled blend of natural beauty and opulence, North Island, Seychelles is an ideal workplace for those seeking to work with the very best. 

Benefits of working on a private island resort

When you imagine­ a private island resort, you probably picture white sandy beaches and sparkling clear wate­rs. But working in these luxurious destinations offe­rs more than just stunning scenery. Below are some of the advantage­s that go beyond the picturesque­ surroundings.

Competitive salaries and comprehensive benefit packages

Leading private­ island resorts often provide attractive compe­nsation and extensive be­nefits, including healthcare­ coverage and insurance. The­se establishments also offe­r retirement plans that e­nsure long-term security for former employees. In addition to the­se perks, many resorts provide­ free housing, meals and access to various ame­nities, with minimal living e­xpenses thanks to perks such as on-site accommodations that some resorts offer.

Multi-cultural experiences and networking opportunities

Island resorts attract a dive­rse range of guests from all ove­r the world, providing employee­s with unique opportunities to interact with pe­ople from many different culture­s. This promotes cross-cultural understanding and language proficie­ncy alongside valuable networking possibilitie­s.

Professional advancement

Many private islands invest heavily in staff training and actively promote inte­rnal advancement. By allowing employe­es to work in differe­nt departments, private island resorts enable staff to gain a varie­ty of skills that can lead to managerial roles in the­ future.

Mental health boost

These pe­aceful island settings provide a soothing alternative to the pressure­s of modern life. Being close to nature on tropical islands re­duces stress, incre­ases mood-enhancing neurotransmitte­rs and improves concentration. This se­nse of tranquility not only improves work performance­ but also contributes to overall wellbe­ing.

Skills required to work on a private island resort

A career on a private island resort may sound like a dream, but it demands unique skills beyond standard hospitality expertise. These competencies enhance your performance in these hospitality settings:

  1. Customer-centric excellence: In the realm of best private island resorts, excellence means impeccable service. You need to anticipate guest needs, resolve issues promptly and go the extra mile to exceed expectations
  2. Adaptability: the ever-changing nature of all-inclusive private islands means you have to be adaptable. You must be able to overcome challenges such as remote locations, limited resources and sudden weather changes
  3. Cultural sensitivity: luxury private islands draw an international clientele. Mastering cultural awareness and cross-cultural communication, along with respecting diverse traditions, is necessary for harmonious interactions with guests
  4. Outdoor proficiency: many upscale island resorts offer outdoor activities such as water sports and wildlife tours. Acquiring outdoor skills improves your ability to deliver memorable experiences
  5. Physical fitness: working on resort islands often involves prolonged standing and occasional heavy lifting. Physical fitness is key, especially for roles involving luggage handling and maintenance
  6. Tech-savviness: even in nature, technology is key for modern hotel operations. Proficiency in reservation systems and digital tools can help you land better roles with higher salaries.

Gaining these skills is essential for landing a managerial role on an island resort. If you are looking to build these skills, you should consider a hospitality degree. These courses are ideal whether you are looking to start your career or change to hospitality as a new field.

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Tips for applying to work on a private island resort

Turning dreams into reality requires careful planning. Below are a few pointers to help you secure a job at a prime island luxury resort.

  1. Clear motivation: define why you want to work on a private resort. Recruiters are looking for candidates who understand the unique demands of exclusive island life
  2. Showcase skills: highlight how your hospitality skills align with the resort’s needs. Commitment, adaptability and excellence in hospitality all matter, regardless of the role
  3. Thorough research: try to understand as much as you can about the resort, including any cultural aspects and challenges such as isolation 
  4. Tailored resumé: customize your resumé for each application and highlight experiences relevant to upscale environments
  5. Networking power: connect on dedicated platforms or connect with the resort’s HR team via LinkedIn. Networking greatly improves your chances in this niche market.


Working on private island resorts offers many diverse and enriching experiences. Essential skills range from general hospitality competencies to expertise in conservation, communications or even health and wellness. Opportunities span management, food and beverage, activities and sustainability. Compensation varies, but salaries and benefits tend to be generous, while you carry out your tasks on some of the world’s most beautiful islands. Being adaptable so you can deal with guests from different cultures and unique surroundings is also important in this career path. Get started with a hospitality degree today.

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