Where in the world will your Les Roches internships take you?

20th May, 2024

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Our Bachelor’s degrees come with two professional internships where you get to choose the destination, industry sector and position. In this article, we’ll reveal more about this exciting and rewarding global experience…

While learning theory is important, putting it in to practice is what makes the difference in hospitality. Even better when you can immerse yourself in new countries and cultures alongside this valuable work experience. That’s why we make professional internships an integral part of our Bachelor’s programs.

So what can you look forward to in these jet-setting internship experiences? Read on to find out.

You can live and work in two countries of your choosing

If you have a passion for travel and new experiences, internships are made for you. Your Bachelor’s degree offers two internships and (subject to visa restrictions) you have a free choice of where to go. Not only do you get to work abroad, you also get to experience new ways of life and different cultures as you build your professional skills.

See how one of our students enjoyed the beautiful island of Madeira…



POV: You moved to Madeira to pursue an internship. 🇵🇹 #travel #madeira #portugal #internship #views #student

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You can choose the industries and roles you work in

Do you have a specific sector in mind? Whatever the answer, you can be sure our brilliant Careers team will give you every chance of securing an internship in it. And to prove it, here’s a list of the different industries and sectors that our BBA interns worked in during 2023:


  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Education
  • Luxury/Retail
  • Consulting
  • Real Estate
  • Events
  • Marketing
  • Banking
  • Catering
  • Sports
  • Tourism/Travel
  • Web
  • Government
  • Private Concierge
  • Cruise
  • Music Industry
  • Private Members Club
  • Advertising
  • Airline
  • Airport
  • Entertainment
  • Golf
  • Sport Federations/Government

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You have a chance to work with the most prestigious brands in hospitality

As we are one of the world’s leading hospitality business schools, many students naturally lean towards the hotel industry when choosing their internship. At the same time, the top hotel brands love to hire Les Roches students, opening up incredible possibilities at the highest end of the spectrum.



“One of the things that makes Les Roches stand out is this focus on the practical side. It really helps students to stay grounded and prepares them well for their future careers, because it shows them that despite going to one of the most prestigious hotel schools in the world, they have to start from zero and get their hands dirty.”

  • Rami Sayess, BBA Graduate

Our bespoke careers service helps you find your dream internship

At Les Roches, we promise every student career support tailored to them, from the moment you step onto campus to securing your first job after graduation.

That support is comes into its own when it comes to finding and securing internships.  One of the highlights of every semester is Recruitment Day, where top brands in the industry flock to campus to find and recruit the talent they need.

Unlock your future

Unlock your future in hospitality! Explore Les Roches internship opportunities across various industries and gain hands-on experience

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Your internships will make you more employable

When it comes to landing that crucial first role after graduation, how do you prove to a potential employer you’ve got what it takes? No matter how well you perform in the interview, you could be up against other candidates who have actually worked in the sector, giving them a big advantage.

Internships are your chance to show your best side and gain that crucial edge. And it works: a significant proportion of our students end up taking a job at a company they’ve interned with.

All these reasons – and more – add up to why the internship is such an essential part of your Les Roches Bachelor’s program. So what are you waiting for? Time to get to work.