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From Les Roches Marbella to Entrepreneurship: The journey of alumni Arnold Amrhein

The following article was written by Les Roches Marbella’s Bachelor student Valentina Stefanini. Les Roches Marbella takes immense pride in…

Rami Sayess’ blueprint for success in hospitality: be yourself and deliver magic moments

Lebanese-born Rami Sayess has enjoyed a jet-setting career in hospitality since graduating from Les Roches in 1990. We caught up…

From virtual to reality: how Spark helps bring ideas to life

Les Roches students have been working with alumnus Kaiz Patel to bring his virtual reality hospitality training solution to life….

Doubling up: how two former students have combined to develop young talent

Two alumnae from Les Roches and Glion have teamed up to develop young talent in hospitality. We spoke to one…