Two Les Rochians on a mission to build a happier society

Two ambitious Les Roches Marbella alumni, Sviatoslav Budzak and Diego Delli Veneri, have partnered to create a modern solution to an age-old problem through their company Lifechanging. 

Coming from different backgrounds and countries – Ukraine and Italy – Sviatoslav Budzak and Diego Delli Veneri both faced the same issue: they were indecisive about which career to pursue. After doing some research, they realized that this is a very common problem and that many young people are in need of personalized guidance and information regarding the opportunities available. 

This inspired the two young entrepreneurs to create an online platform for students where they can receive valuable advice from a team of psychologists and career development experts. Thus Lifechanging was born.

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The Lifechanging Co-founders together with a renowned Marbella interior designer and mentor Heidi Gubbins

The Lifechanging Concept

After a lengthy selection process Sviatoslav and Diego have cultivated a strong team of internationally based specialized professionals, who all share a common vision to help younger generations.

The Career Discovery Programme has been developed as a comprehensive, personalized solution for high school students to find the best career fit. The program is fully online, making it accessible from anywhere, an important aspect especially in the post-Covid era.

The journey of each adolescent begins by discovering their personality. Students go through one-on-one sessions with the psychologist and complete accredited assessments.

During the next stage of the program students are in contact with a career development expert, who shares relevant knowledge on careers of interest as well as providing advice on building the necessary skills to succeed.

To ensure students have realistic expectations and understand their career choices, they are matched with industry-specific experts for mentorship sessions. This tends to be the favorite stage among students, as they receive first-hand advice from people who have already succeeded in their professions.

Finally, after completing the program in about 1-2 months, students receive a practical action plan on how to achieve their professional goals. Most have such a great experience that they decide to take things one step further and have extra counseling sessions that assist them with the university selection and application process, including exam preparations.

What’s Next?

With the escalating problem of high school students making misinformed career choices, and the lack of personalized solutions available, the future of Lifechanging looks brighter than ever. 

Indeed, with the ever-increasing demand from students, the team is growing month by month. The company is continuously collaborating with more mentors, all of whom are equally excited about the concept and the prospect of helping students. 

The majority of Lifechanging’s clientele are currently based in Spain; however the founders’ focus for the near future is expanding to the international market, given the accessibility of the online platform, and the global networking connections made from their time at Les Roches.

The ultimate vision is to assist a broader age demographic during these difficult transitional stages of their lives. Fingers crossed that more students around the world will benefit from the guidance of the Lifechanging team very soon!