No degree? No limits! Navigating postexperience education

Within the ever-evolving landscape of the hospitality industry, professionals are increasingly seeking to adapt and refine their skills in order to stay ahead. For non-graduates aiming to elevate their careers and gain a competitive edge, what we at Les Roches call ‘postexperience’ programs can provide an unparalleled opportunity for advancement.

As one of the world’s premier hospitality management schools, Les Roches offers a variety of postexperience programs designed to enhance professional expertise and open doors to new career prospects.

“The industry is seeking candidates with diverse skills and backgrounds as well as an understanding of strategic thinking, the postexperience programs aim to showcase such attributes.”

Dr. Dimitrios Diamantis, Academic Dean, Les Roches

Why choose a postexperience program?

A good proportion of young people choose not to pursue a Bachelor’s degree and instead start their careers right after high school. Such a move furnishes them with invaluable practical experience and a robust work ethic.

Over time, and with the right commitment, these individuals can cultivate specific skill sets that outpace their peers who followed conventional academic routes. This gives them an edge in industries like hospitality, which demand a significant amount of hands-on experience.

By adding a specialized postexperience education, these professionals can set their career sights even higher. How? Because what such programs complement their existing industry knowledge by teaching them contemporary theories and practices.

As Dr. Dimitrios Diamantis puts it, “These programs address the needs of today through their specialist focus, as well as the needs of tomorrow through focusing on strategic realities and trends within our sector.”

At Les Roches, we enable postexperience students to acquire specialized knowledge relating to particular fields within hospitality, including cruise line management, digital transformation or marketing management in luxury tourism. By building skills and deepening knowledge in these specific areas, students can become even more valuable to employers in their chosen fields.

How do postexperience programs work?

Our postexperience programs allow you to pursue an executive degree without the requirement to possess a Bachelor’s degree. Instead, the ‘entry ticket’ is your professional know-how. In order to apply for a postexperience program you need at least five years of work experience, accompanied by a passion to elevate your current career.

The heart of each program is on campus in Spain or Switzerland, but you must also remember to pack your passport! Depending on your choice of program, you will experience field trips to destinations such as Chicago, Seoul, Dubai, or Miami. These trips give you the chance to widen your professional networks and truly immerse yourself in your topic.

Your program carries an official seal of approval, too. Accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE), we are also fully aligned with the Swiss government’s ethos, which welcomes postexperience initiatives without Bachelor’s prerequisites. This endorsement underscores the value placed on practical expertise, lifelong learning, industry-specific demands, and educational inclusivity.

Benefits of postexperience programs at Les Roches

Les Roches’ postexperience programs are crafted to delve deeply into the latest trends and innovations in whichever hospitality sector they cover. Participants gain firsthand knowledge from industry experts and academics who are at the forefront of these developments.

“The skills sets that we find in students from Les Roches is something we very much look for.”


A postexperience program signals to employers a commitment to continuous learning and professional development. Graduates of Les Roches often find that their enhanced skills and knowledge open up new opportunities for leadership and specialized roles within their organizations.

“Recruiting top talent from hotel schools such as Les Roches, we find students who are passionate and looking for a solid company to work for.” – Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

Another significant benefit of enrolling in these programs is the access to a vast, global network of alumni and industry professionals. This network can be instrumental in career advancement, providing connections that span the globe.

A worthwhile investment

An additional year of schooling increases earnings by 10 percent a year.” – World Bank

While the commitment to a postexperience program may seem daunting, the long-term benefits far outweigh the initial investment.

In fact, our graduates often report a significant return on investment, both in terms of career progression and personal growth. The advanced skills and knowledge acquired through these programs can lead to higher earning potential, greater job satisfaction, and a more profound impact within the hospitality industry.

Unleash your potential

Discover our Postexperience Programs to learn how far an education at Les Roches can take you.

About Les Roches

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