Hospitality: By people to people
Social Responsibility

Hotel Management involves a marked character of hospitality and service to others in continuous interaction with the client and society; therefore, the development of “social sensitivity” becomes a crucial factor.

Les Roches activity involve various projects for action and pursuit of continuous improvement. The focus of management is not only about the satisfaction of students and customers or the protection of the environment, but goes beyond, seeking to create value in society. Therefore, Les Roches tries to instill the desire and ability to contribute to improving society in its graduates.

Creating an hospitable world through hospitality education
Social Responsibility Certificate
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Volunteering and Donations
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Les Roches Cares

As part of our corporate social responsibility strategy we are actively involved in actions that address the needs of the community. For years Les Roches has carried out various solidarity actions such as social actions, volunteer services or donations, to benefit the community and the commitment of the educational entity with the city of Marbella and its province, which houses the headquarters From Les Roches since 1995.

Be social. Be resoponsible. Be healthy. Be community.

Les Roches Marbella has supported many initiatives and participates actively in many other related to peope and enviroment.

At Les Roches Marbella we choose a healthy way of life as we strongly beleive that healthy students, staff and faculty are more likely to achieve their goals in a health-conscious enviroment.

Inside this area, we ensure that:

– We provide healthy options in our menus
– We remove the plastic as much as possible
– We ensure the Higenic in the campus
– We dont allow bad habits at campus such as: Smoking and drugs
– We support healthy activities through clubs as running club, synergy, nutrition clubs to promote healthy habits throught our students and staff

In Les Roches Marbella, our main asset is people. So we beleive that, by developing our own natural sensibility, we can still make of this, a more sustainable, friendy and happy world

At Les Roches Marbella we beleibe that energy efficiency is relevant for lives , ecnomies and the planet. As it is the dominant contributor to climate change, we implement a strategic energy plan according to ISO 14001 that leads efficiency and costs control.

At Les Roches Marbella we anderstand that preserbing the resources is vital for both people and the planet.

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