Electric dreams: sustainable student travel comes to Crans-Montana!

The hills are alive with the sound of… electric motors! Our Swiss campus students are loving the fleet of Tesla and BMW electric cars that’s now at their disposal.

It all started with the Marbella Minis. 

Last year, we rolled out a fleet of electric Mini cars for our Marbella campus students to hire, establishing a sustainable travel option that was a world first for a major hospitality school.

What’s good for Spain is equally good for Switzerland, so our CEO, Carlos Díez de la Lastra, put a plan in place to build an electric fleet suited to our alpine location and premium reputation.

And now that plan is being delivered in the sleek and stunning shapes of the Tesla Model Y and BMW iX xDrive50. Both these models feature four-wheel-drive, which means they can be used safely even during the snowy winter months. Both are also among the larger electric models, which opens up the possibilities for students to go on extended trips during weekend and mid-term breaks.

Like the Marbella Minis, the new scheme is a partnership with Activacar, a specialist provider of solutions for 100% electric mobility. Through Activacar, students at both our campuses have access to a dedicated app which they can use to book cars.

The Crans-Montana all-electric rollout is being led by Giovanni Odaglia, Dean of Students. He says, “With these eco-friendly rides, students can create unforgettable memories while minimizing their carbon footprint. By being emissions free the vehicles are good for the local community, while also adding to the immersive resort experience we strive to offer here in Crans-Montana.”

To get a taste for the electric car experience in Crans-Montana, watch our video:

To discover more about our mission to build a sustainable future, visit the dedicated area of our website.

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