Pre-arrival information

As a newly admitted student, you should read the official documentation provided by the Admissions Department in your acceptance package.

The Pre-Arrival Booklet provides you with all the necessary information for your studies in Les Roches.

This section of our website provides some general information and links to the more detailed documents that admitted students should read and process before they arrive on campus




All students, except Swiss nationals and students holding a Swiss B or C permanent residency permit, will be required to apply for a residence permit within 48 hours of arriving in Switzerland. To complete this procedure, students must bring a copy of the documents submitted for the application (see the Residence Permit Process).

All students (including Swiss/C-Permit holders) should read the Residence Permit Document.

All students are required to present evidence of English proficiency unless they are native English speakers or have spent the last two years in full-time English education.

Students who cannot provide a recognized English Language Certificate must sit an English Entrance Exam.

See the English Language Assessment Document.

Some students will require a student visa to enter Switzerland, so please verify visa requirements for your nationality and apply at the right time.

To see if you need a visa to study in Switzerland, please visit the official Swiss website.

For the visa application procedure and required documents, download this document.

Please note that it may take at least 2-3 months to obtain a visa. If you have received a Letter of Acceptance, you should apply for your visa as soon as possible and speak with an Educational Counselor if you have any further questions about the procedure.

Health insurance coverage is mandatory by law in Switzerland. Therefore, all students are automatically covered with the insurance provided by Les Roches. This covers you for health and accident, while on campus and on internship, at the most competitive rate, which may vary from one semester to another. The health insurance fee for the internship semester(s) will be charged on the invoice for the previous on-campus semester.

However, if you have a private valid insurance cover equivalent to the Swiss health insurance cover scheme, you may require exemption by the Swiss authorities before your arrival on campus. If you fail to complete the request, the insurance provided by Les Roches will apply.
For more information on the exemption and comparison between private and school insurance, please download the following documents:

What are the options available?

Comparison Guide: European Health Insurance Card vs. Les Roches Insurance Plan

User-Friendly Les Roches Insurance Guide: International medical assistance and protection benefits

Insurance Exemption Form (Crans-Montana Municipality)

TSM Assistance Flyer

If you keep your private health and accident cover, you are responsible for verifying that your documents are valid while in Switzerland or abroad. Les Roches will not cover any related expenses.

Personal and private insurance, to cover issues such as damage or theft of personal property, is not mandatory but is strongly recommended and is your responsibility. Les Roches cannot be held responsible for the theft of personal belongings, student damage or third-party insurance.

On your Acceptance Letter, you will find the official arrival/registration days for your particular program of study. On these official arrival/registration only, Les Roches Arrival Team has a Welcome Booth in Geneva Airport and organizes transfer for you and your luggage to the campus.

It is important that you announce your arrival to the Arrival Team via this online Arrival Confirmation Form as soon as possible. You need to fill this in no matter how you will arrive on campus (by car, train, or with the transfer organized by our Arrival Team).

Please also specify if any family member is accompanying you on your arrival.
We look forward to welcoming you at Les Roches!


Those students who come from countries that do not belong to the European Union will need a student visa to be able to reside in Spain. It is very important that you verify the requirements to obtain the visa for your nationality and that you manage them on time.

If you do not have a valid European passport, you must apply for a TYPE D STUDENT VISA to study at Les Roches Marbella.

Please remember that obtaining a visa can take between 6-8 weeks. If you have already received the letter of admission in Les Roches Marbella, you must apply for your visa as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the process you can talk with your Educational Counselor or contact the admissions department:

All new students who do not have Spanish or European nationality must manage, for legal reasons, a Type D Student Visa at a Spanish Embassy or Consulate in their country of origin. This formality takes 6-8 weeks.

To complete this procedure, students must provide a copy of the documents submitted in their application for registration (see the Residence Permit Process). We advise all new students to read Residence Permit Process.

Accident and medical insurance is mandatory for students in Spain. Please, check if your medical insurance will be valid in Spain or not.

Therefore, students may have:

  • The medical and accident insurance provided by the school, which covers them when they are on campus or at an internship.
  • Your own medical and accident insurance.
  • If you are a European citizen, the national social security insurance of your country of origin.


In the Admission Letter, you will find the official arrival dates for your study program. For more details about arrivals and registrations, please download the Pre-Arrival Information Guide.

Please complete the Arrival Confirmation Form.

All students must demonstrate their level of English by providing the necessary documentation, except if this is their native language or if they have been students of a center with an Anglo-Saxon program for at least 2 years.

For more detailed information, you can consult the admission requirements where you will find the language requirements for each program.