Food and Beverage venues


This modern, vibrant eatery was relocated in the campus’s main building in January 2024 and is a genuine highlight of the Les Roches Crans-Montana experience. Substance has taken the opportunity offered by the refurbishment to broaden its horizons, developing a unique vision of the future of fine dining.

The restaurant’s forward-looking philosophy is rooted in the concepts of evolution and development, with chefs and the students who staff Substance constantly striving to push the boundaries of culinary class and superior service.

Diners at Substance get to feast on an elegant selection of classic and contemporary dishes prepared from high-quality, seasonal ingredients that showcase our chefs’ passion and creativity.


Experience the warm embrace of our newly transformed bar, where every detail is crafted to elevate your spirits and create unforgettable moments.

Coffee bar by day, cocktail lounge by night, Fragrance is the place where people come from all over the campus to meet and enjoy between-class breaks or while away their evenings over drinks.

Central to the refurbished venue’s philosophy is the concept of senses and everything is designed to emphasize their importance to food and beverage, which the students who staff Fragrance during their studies discover. From the wooden décor that evokes a sense of nature to the carefully curated drinks menus that tantalize the taste buds and even the name itself, everything is geared towards a heightened sensory experience.

Marketplace Restaurant

Market Place Restaurant is the living heart of Les Roches, an elegant All Day Dining restaurant, offering a generous buffet to our guests for every meal period of the day.

Cold and Hot Starters, Main Courses, Vegetarian Options or even Desserts: the choice is yours.

Fresh & Fast

From the now-iconic sushi plate to a selection of salads and sandwiches, the F&F offers a convenient lunch right in the middle of our main lobby. Every student on Campus can enjoy for lunch, eating on-site or taking away.