Coronavirus Updates Les Roches Marbella campus
26th October 2020

Following recent events in Spain, please be informed of the new restrictions applicable by law from today. These measures may be re-assessed on Wednesday by the regional government of Andalucía.


The central Government has now officially declared a state of alarm and imposed a curfew from 23.00 to 06.00 – During these hours it is forbidden to leave your home/residence except for justified reasons, such as a medical emergency or going to work.


In addition to the masks regulations already in place, anyone practicing individual sport in public spaces (running, cycling, skating etc.), where the minimum safety distance cannot be kept, must wear a mask.

I take this opportunity to remind you that:

  1. Campus curfew will remain until further notice – the main campus will be under a strict curfew in which students will not be allowed to enter or exit the campus between 21.00 in the evening and 09:00 am
  2. Officially and by law, private gatherings have been reduced to a maximum of 6 people. However, please be reminded that gatherings in student accommodations are strictly prohibited.

As a collective responsibility and in line with our current regulations, gatherings in other students’ rooms and/or apartments are prohibited. Consequences for not following this regulation will lead to severe disciplinary action.

  1. Aside from proper social distancing, face masks and hand sanitation, natural ventilation and open spaces are recommended to reduce risk of contagion. Fortunately the year round climate in Marbella allows us to utilize this resource.

Additionally, we inform you that classroom spaces and campus facilities have been equipped with various Air safe Nebulizers which contain sanitizing agents (*) that constantly cleanse the air that we all breathe in spaces on campus, and in this way, any possible threat or viral load within our facilities will be neutralized by this powerful agent distributed in the air thanks to The Aroma Trace technology.

(*) Chemical agent composed of active ingredients authorized by EPA in a concentration suitable for constant breathing. Official document of the laboratory, as well as the document of active principles available upon request

We appreciate your sense of responsibility during these times and we thank you in advance for taking the measures and situation with the seriousness it requires.



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