Coronavirus Updates Les Roches Marbella campus
14th March 2020

In the past 24 hours, the Coronavirus situation has changed significantly, Europe now being the centre of a pandemic.

Several European countries have reinforced their social containment measures with Spain declaring State of Emergency and France declaring Sanitary Emergency Level 3 (closing non-essential shops,
leisure activities, restricting movements, implementing confinements…). Similar measures already apply to some Switzerland regions. We anticipate that in the very near future they will be extended to
the entire country.

In that context, the day-to-day life of the campus community and of the wider population will be impacted and movements drastically restricted to the minimum.

Many of you have also already chosen to go back home or expressed their natural wish to be reunited with their families. As a response to this later Pan-European evolution, the Management Board has
decided to run operations and services at a minimum level on Campus with effect from next Friday 20th March until the end of April.

We will reassess this decision according to the evolution of the situation and public authorities’ decisions.

The purpose of this measure is to facilitate your decision to go home, maximiae the protection of our community by effectively reducing the frequency of human contact as well as to participate to the
global effort to contain the spread of coronavirus as much as possible.

Should you decide to stay in Les Roches Marbella, facilities will be available for you during this period. We are committed to fully support either of your choice, the most important for you to decide being the place where you feel the most comfortable and safe.

As previously communicated, remote learning will start as of Monday, March 16th to enable you to progress with your studies as planned. First induction sessions will start with cases studies, lectures…
so as to accommodate those traveling.

Preparations for this new level of operations are now a top priority.

An extended Service Desk will be open from 16:00 today to support you with all logistical needs as you may face difficulties returning home given the global travel circumstances. You can contact and
ask in for management support in any topic you need in the current situation like:

  • Ticket airplane information and reservations
  • Transfers to airport and train stations
  • Tips and elements of sanitary protection
  • Visa and legal requirements
  • Any other questions or logistical needs for the next days

The protection of all is the top priority for the management Board. In that respect, we believe that this approach is the responsible answer to the rapidly escalating situation that we are experiencing.
To this end it has continuously adapted and communicated all relevant protective and preventive measures since January.

Carlos Díez de la Lastra Buigues
Managing Director, Les Roches Marbella


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